Kids' Books: The Man From the Land of Fandango April 03 2014, 0 Comments

We think that books should be a vital part of any kids' room and as they often on display as part of a room's decor, we thought that we'd start reviewing and featuring some of our feather the nest team's favourites.  We'd love to hear which titles are favourites in your house too - comment below or send us an email and we'll look to include them in this feature.

This week's pick is 'The Man From the Land of Fandango' written by Margaret Mahy.  It's circus like nature and hilarious rhymes make 'The Man From the Land of Fandango' a regular bedtime story in one of our team's households.  There are loads of onomatopoeic word and the beautifully colourful illustrations offer plenty to look at.  Highly recommended x