Sweet Dreameezz Big Grey Star Muslin

NZD $49.95

Sweet Dreameezz Big Grey Star Muslin by Cuski Baby Ltd (UK).

A large, soft black square muslin made from 100% luxury bamboo rayon muslin with lots of grey stars.

Multi-purpose, Sweet Dreameezz is designed as a wrap, modesty cover while nursing, light blanket and a fantastic sleep shade for the cot or pram.  For a sleep shade, simply drape it over the pram, buggy or cot to allow your little one to sleep even on the brightest day, or in an environment where there are bright lights that would otherwise stop them sleeping soundly.  

Size: 120cm x 120cm

Washing: Fully machine washable (at 30 degrees C)

Please note that the star colour is designed to fade to a lovely soft grey over time.  Cuski Baby uses a natural vegetable dye.

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